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BS5839 / BS5266 and BS 7671 Compliant Certificates
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Overprint onto the actual NICEIC / ELECSA/ ECA / NAPIT / SELECT Certificates

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Electrical Contractor's Office 2014/2015

NICIEC Overprinting + Site Survey Certificates


Overprint onto the actual NICEIC, NAPIT and SELECT Certificates using Microsoft Office.

Click below to view the certificates you can overprint in Microsoft Word from each organisation:

Simply complete the NICEIC Red overprint form and insert the relevant certificate into the printer and print out the data directly into the spaces on the certificate.



BS7671 Amendment 2 Update available now

NICEIC Red Overprint Forms + Site Survey Forms
17th Edition Forms


Both the Hand Filled and Computer Friendly NICEIC Certificates
can be overprinted using our software.

  • Electrical Installation Certificate ICR3
  • Electrical Installation Certificate Continuation Sheet ICR/IPR
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate DCN6
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate Schedules DCR/DPR
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report IPN3
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report Section F Continuation Sheet IFR4
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report DPN5
  • Minor Works Certificate IMN3
  • Observations & Recommendations Continuation   IFR2/ IFN2
  • Summary of the Inspection Continuation Sheet   IGR1/ IGN1
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System Commissioning Certificate   FAC
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System   FHN1
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System Installation Certificate   FIN1
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System Modification Certificate   FMN1
  • Fire Alarm Design, Installation and Commissioning Certificates (Grades B, C, D, E or F) for Dwellings   FHR1/ FHN1
  • Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate   ECN1
  • Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection and Testing Certificate   EPM1
  • Modular Dwellings Electrical Installation Certificate MCN1
  • Transportable Building Electrical Installation Certificate   TCN1
  • Highway Electrical Installation Certificate HCN3
  • Highway Periodic Installation Condition Report HPN3
  • Domestic Visual Condition Report DVN3
Preview of Electrical Installation Condition Report IPN3 - Page 5
Overprint Form

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